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Phil's Online Journal

Scum. Slime. Spammers. - 22 Nov 2005

For goodness sake. I run a nice little family website, nothing special, just for my own pleasure really. I post pics of my kids, occasional ramblings and use it to communicate with my family mostly. I even have an open guestbook, allowing people to post stuff to us (hoping for praise, of course, but generally just to know who is out there).

What do I get? Well, lots of friendly people from around the globe posting nice things, compliments from friends and family, the usual and very welcome stuff.

Less welcome have been the assortment of conmen, spammers and perverts who think that this guestbook is their own personal trip to Google heaven.

Well, listen up, dim bulbs. I can delete stuff. I will delete stuff. I will also report you.

The only suitable, eye-for-an-eye punishment I can think of would be to find out where they live and go round to their houses, spray painting "www.croftsfamily.com" on their walls and doors.

Why do I think that they are scum rather than an original form of advertising in an increasingly squeezed market?

Because from beginning to end the spamming business is immoral and corrupting. The internet is cool. Sorry to use such an old fashioned term, but it is. It lets people chat away, buy stuff, find out everything they could ever want to know, and, in-extremis, is changing the whole way that news reporting works.

Spammers corrupt that. They make the whole thing seedy, dangerous and ugly. I get 20 emails a day from these bottom-feeders asking me to be hung like a horse, or invest my money, or get a new job, or see their "XXX LIVE GIRLZZZ", always with, oh-so-amusing spelling mistakes to get round the spam filters. They take something beautiful and turn it into something like themselves.

Well, sod off. Take your "Young Boys" (How tasteful is that. Hope you end up sharing a cell with Gary Glitter) and your chear mobile deals (nice that you use the same marketing technique as the paedophiles, eh) away from my webspace and go and get proper jobs that don't involve annoying normal people like myself.

And while we're at it, could you stop posting your lame adverts all oevr webpages as well. Nobody wants your super-duper self defence system, or your pills, or your silly book, or your software that promises to fix my system crashes.

Just go away, damn you.
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